30+ Ultimate Collection of Fruit Riddles & Answers

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Below we provide you with an ultimate collection of fruit riddles. you can ask these riddles to your family and friends for fun because these fruit riddles have a clever or amusing answers and you will love this brainteaser’s questions.

As we know many people are frustrated because they couldn’t figure out riddles answer. That’s why we enjoy asking these riddles to people.

Fruit Riddles is tricky and a brain teaser meant for any school-level student and also for every individual of any age group.

Riddles on Fruits – The Ultimate Collection Of Fruits Riddles

Riddles on Fruits QuestionsAnswer
What kind of room has no windows or doors?
It looks green, it opens red. What you eat is red, but what you spit out is black.Watermelon
What has no beginning, end, or middle?
I am a bird, I am a fruit and I am a person. What am I?Kiwi
What is hard and hairy on the outside, soft and wet on the inside?Coconut
I look like a heart, but I don’t beat. I am sweet and sour. What am I?Peach
I have skin like an apple, a core like a pumpkin, and fill your mouth with sweetness. I’m shaped like a teardrop. What am I?A Pear
My body is round. I’m white inside. I wear a red jacket. I am a healthy fruit. I grow on trees. What am I?Apple
I’m yellow but I’m not a rubber duck, I have seeds but I’m not a sunflower, I’m oval but I’m not an egg, I’m sour but I’m not a piece of candy, I’m a fruit but I’m not a banana. What am I?Lemon
The leaves are on the fruit, The fruits is on the leaves. What is it?A Pineapple
I am a yellow fruit that you might eat at lunch, when there’s a group of me we are known as a bunch. What am I?Banana
This is a type of fruit but it is not a lime, there are no other words with which this word can rhyme.Orange
I am the same size as a large egg and also a similar shape I’m a fruit fuzzy on the outside I’m green inside, I’m not a grape. Who am I?Kiwi
I can be red or green I get grown on a vine I’m dried to make raisins or squeezed to help make wine. What am I?Grape
I wear a red coat and have a stone in my throat. What am I?Cherry
I am brown and hairy and grow on a palm tree. What am I?Coconut
This is a four letter word, which comes before stone and light, It’s also a small green fruit and is a flavor in Sprite. what it is?Lime
What kind of dog has no tail?Hotdog
It looks green, it opens red. What you eat is red, but what you spit out is black. What it is?Watermelon

These fruits riddle is fascinating and remembers the riddles question is to test your creative skills.

if you have funny fruit riddles of your own, you can comment down we will definitely add them to our article.

Fruits Riddles FAQ

What are Riddles?

Riddles are tricky questions that you can ask your family and friends for fun that have a clever or amusing answer.

What are the benefits of riddles?

Riddles help you to use your brain differently. tricky questions create critical thinking and problem-solving skills which actually help raise IQ.

What is the fruitiest subject at school?

History, because it’s full of dates.

I have green skin and a black heart, my flavor is nutty and my taste is delicious. What am I?

An Avacado.

I wear a red coat and have a stone in my throat. What am I?

The answer to this riddle a cherry.

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