Good News Exampur 20+ Youtube Channels Back

Two days before youtube terminated the Exampur (10 M+ Subscriber) Youtube Channel and 20+ more Exampur youtube channels which were linked to the main youtube channel Examपुर.

The reason for the Examपुर termination was copyright strikes. one of its youtube channels of Exampur gets 3 or more copyright infringement strikes on youtube. According to Youtube Guidelines, if your channel gets more than 3 copyright strikes within a time period of 90 days your channel will be removed.

Examपुर all 20+ channel is linked together to one google account, that’s why all channel gets terminated.
According to youtube policy, If your channel or account is terminated, you may be unable to use, own, or create any other YouTube channels/accounts. When a channel is terminated, the linked account or channels also get terminated.

Founder of Exampur Vivek Sir makes an appeal on the youtube channel with his team employment of more than 500 people connected with Exampur Youtube Channels. More than 500 people became unemployed due to the deletion of the Exampur channels. He appealed to the people to help him and use #BringBackExampur by going on social media and tagging the team youtube and youtube India.

A user said on Twitter by tagging youtube India – it is condemnable to shut down the YouTube channel Exampur, which prepares crores of unemployed people of India for competitive exams. Exampur is not just a youtube channel it’s a family for students. I @YouTubeIndia Request the team to restore it soon. #BringBackExampur

Founder of Exampur Vivek Kumar tweeted- through you By deleting 20+ exampur channels, the livelihood of 500+ people and the dreams of lakhs of children have been trampled. and we didn’t get any feedback for it still we have submitted all the legals request to you and now you should return our hard work of 5 years. We are praying to you with folded hands, please decide on our request soon. You don’t know, it seems that when life will go out, there is neither hunger nor sleep since 2 days. Please show humanity, in 5 years he has made a family by giving everything.

More than 20 thousand tweets were completed on #BringBackExampur and after a big response and support from people across India Exampur all channels Back.

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