17+ Ultimate Collection of Jewelry Riddles & Answers

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As we know many people are frustrated because they can’t figure out riddles answer. That’s why we enjoy asking these riddles people.

Riddles on Jewellery are tricky and a brain teaser meant for any school-level student and also for every individual of any age group.

Riddles on Jewelry – The Ultimate Collection Of Jewelry Riddles

Jewelry Riddles QuestionsAnswer
This is a piece of jewelry most often worn by girls It’s sometimes gold or silver and sometimes made of pearls. What is it?Necklace
This is a type of common jewelry but it is not a ring or bracelet It is often made with a gold chain that holds up a pendant or locket. What is it?Necklace
Some people bite into it but it is not a carrot It is a precious metal that’s pure 24 Karat. What is it?Gold
It is something very shiny and is a valuable metal if you win at the Olympics It’s the color of your medal. What is it?Gold
it’s often used in jewelry as it is a precious metal If you’re second in a race It’s the color of your medal. What is it?Silver
This is a type of color but it’s not yellow or blue you’ll need this type of bullet If a werewolf’s after you. What is it?Silver
If you are an athlete who is running in a race It’s the type of medal that you get for second place. What is it?Silver
It is a type of metal that’s sometimes used for a necklace It’s not gold or copper though Ag is the symbol for this. What is it?Silver
I am often made out of metal but I am not made of tin or lead I’m a type of popular jewelry hung on your body just below your head. What is it?Necklace
I am full of gas but I am not a car, I have many rings but I am not a jewelry store. I am a Roman god but I am not Janus, I am a large planet but I am not Jupiter. What am I?Saturn

These Jewelry riddle is fascinating and remembers the riddles question is to test your creative skills.

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Jewelry Riddles FAQ

What are Riddles?

Riddles are tricky questions that you can ask your family and friends for fun that have a clever or amusing answer.

What are the benefits of riddles?

Riddles help you to use your brain differently. tricky questions create critical thinking and problem-solving skills which actually help raise IQ.

I am usually shiny In a jeweler’s I am sold I sometimes hold a pendant I’ve a chain that’s made of gold. What am I?


I’m in many types of jewelry Like the chain of a necklace In the tale of Rumpelstiltskin He could spin straw into this?

The answer to this riddle is Gold.

In boxing I am square on your finger I am round; I’m inside every tree I am also a bell’s sound. What am I?


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