IGNOU Assignment Front Page Filled Sample

Want to Know How to Fill IGNOU Assignment Front Page?

Then you land on the right page. Here is the complete and step-by-step guide to how to fill in the assignment front page.

Every new student of Indira Gandhi National Open University has a query related to the IGNOU Assignment Front Page like how to write and what to write on the IGNOU assignment front page, how to fill IGNOU assignment front page and can we use a handwritten assignment front page instead of a printed ignou assignment front page?

All your queries and answers are available in this detailed post.

IGNOU Assignment Front Page Format

Enrolment No
Course Title
Course Code
Assignment Number
Study Centre
Cycle of Admission
Phone No.
Email ID
Date of Submission

These are the required details that should be compulsory on your ignou assignment front page.

Now the question that comes to your mind is where you will find the course code, assignment number, enrolment number, etc.

Am I Right?

So, don’t worry I will discuss the whole assignment format in the discussion. Read carefully and fill in your assignment front page.

Enrolment Number – After confirmation of your admission, the University issue an enrolment number, you can find your enrolment number on your ignou id card otherwise you can also check your admission confirmation mail where you can easily get your enrolment number. For example – 197613297

Name – Write your full name as mentioned in your academic details. for example- Nitin Chauhan.

Address – Write your address as mentioned in your Aadhar card. For Example – H no 211 Chauhan Patti New Delhi 110032.

Course Title – Write Subject Name. for example – Environment Studies.

Course Code – You can easily find this in your assignment question paper. for example MEV-011.

Assignment Number – Check your assignment question paper, the assignment number is mentioned on the upper right of your question paper. for example- MEV-011/TMA-01/July.

Study Center – Write your study center name. for example – Maharaja Agrasen College Delhi 07107.

The cycle of Admission – Write your Admission Cycle. For Example 2019-25.

Phone No. – Write your Contact number. for example – 999999990

Email Id- write your mail address. for example [email protected]

Date of Submission – Write the date of submission of your assignment. for example – 31st Oct 2021.

Signature – At last do your signature. for example- Nitin Chauhan

If you want to use a handwritten front page then make sure you will use A4 size blank papers and you are only allowed to use a black and blue pen. so, don’t use a red pen or any other color pen.

Front Page Sample For IGNOU Assignment

IGNOU Assignment Front Page SAMPLE 1

IGNOU Assignment Front Page SAMPLE 2

IGNOU Assignment Front Page SAMPLE 3

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